Casino Chips Glossary: Terms to Know

Collecting casino chips is a very well known hobby and people from around the world today collect beautiful chips of different designs, colors and sizes from casinos all over the world. Normally people retain one or two chips from every casino that they visit if they find the design intriguing and this collection slowly grows over the time. Alas, at free pokies you can't take the chips with you, but it's still great fun.

There are several chips words that new chip collectors will come across when they first start their collection and the meanings of these terms are given below for better understanding. These words usually been applied in every gambling house, even among internet sources such as online casino Canada and US.


Airtight - Airtight is a name which is commercially used for a two piece protective snap made from plastic for storing chips.

Alteration - Alteration is any type of change which might be made to the chips in order to make it appear something which is not. It is similar to counterfeiting chips but is different in quite a lot of ways.

Attributed - If a chip's use at a casino cannot be determined or confirmed then it is not attributed to any casino.

Binder - A binder is any album which has pages to store chips. Usually the binder will be in a normal 3-ring design but it could also have vinyl pages which are permanently bound to the folder.

Canceled - When a chip does not have any value in a casino and it is not possible to redeem it then the casino will scratch, over stamp, shave or drill the chip in order to destroy or cancel it.

Chipper - When an individual is addicted to collecting casino chips then he/she is described as a chipper.

Chipaholic - Another name for an individual addicted to casino chips collection.

Chiplanche - The process of tumbling down of the chips stack is known as Chiplanche.

Chip Run - Chip Run is when an individual travels to different casinos in a short time to get chips.

Coin Aligned - All subjects related to coins or chips are known as coin aligned.

Commemorative - A commemorative is generally issued by casinos in order to celebrate an event, person, topic or anything else. Most of these are issued in only small quantities.

Chip of the Year(COTY) - An award which is presented each year by the judges of CC& GTCC.

Counterfeit - An unauthorized version of chips which is made in order to commit fraud at a casino

Dovetail - Any chip which has two different colors on the body which are dived through the center of the chip and when one of these colors protrude to the other in the shape of a dovetail

Error - Any mistake made by the manufacturer like a insert which is missing, inlays which are not in the center, a wrong color etc.

Fantasy - Fantasy is a casino chip but in fact there had never been a casino which used these chips. The fantasy chips are often made for using them for home games like poker.

Incused - Certain designs and molds which are recessed or pressed onto the rim of the chips

Limited edition - Limited edition chips are made by manufacturers or casinos in small numbers for collectors and are usually for commemorating an event, person or topic

No cash Value - It might be a denomination but it will usually not be redeemable for cash if the casino issues it. It is mainly used for promotion activities, in matches or for tournaments.

Notched - Any check which is canceled by the manufacturer by cutting small pieces from it

Prototype - A sample provided by the manufacturer in order to show the customer what the chips would look like

Snipe - To bid on the last moment in order to win at an auction.

SSOTY - Stands for Silver Strike of the year which is an award which is presented annually


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