Clay Casino Chips

In the earlier days when gambling had just been made legal, the casinos which opened up were quite different from the modern day casinos that we see today. Most casinos were actually only small card rooms in small establishments and the chips used by them were also very different than the ones we use today. Over the years casino chips have evolved and the clay chips that we used today are considered to be the most sophisticated of them all.

Casino chips are the denominations which keep track of the wins and losses at the table. They help casinos to safeguard from frauds and keep track of their profits from all the tables. At the end of each game players cash in their chips at the counter to exchange them for real money. Today there are several different types of chips available for use, from inexpensive plastic chips to the more sophisticated collectible chips sets.

History of clay casino chips

In the earlier days when poker had become much famous in the US and in other parts of the world the chips had not been invented yet. People used gold nuggets and different types of coins at the tables. However there was a need to standardize the game and so chips were invented. The earliest chips were very simple and were usually made from bones, ivory or paper. However, the only drawback with these chips was that it was easy to counterfeit them.

Very soon manufacturers began to design chips in different designs, shapes and colors to make it possible to create unique chips for every casino. Sometimes the chips given to every gambler at a casino used to be different. The most valuable of the earliest chips were those which were handmade and were decorated with unique initials, designs and motifs.

The clay casino chips were first used in the 1880s and since then there had only been very few manufacturers who produced them. Very soon the trend picked up and today there are innumerable designs to choose from with packs of different designs and weights. There were heavy chips and ones which were made professionally. The Nevada Jacks chips have always been very popular while the Paulson chips were used in the James Bond movie.

Modern day clay casino chips

There are plenty of brands which define their chips as clay chips but these are in fact only plastic chips which contain very less amount of clay. The very famous crest and seal clay chips were first launched by the US Playing Card Company and became quickly famous.

However, the ones which are used in real casinos are the best quality chips. There are several people today who collect beautiful and rare clay chips as a hobby. Collectors often retain one or two chips from each casino that they visit and they quickly manage to build up a large collection.

No matter what the purpose of use is, clay chips have always been popular and are considered to be the best quality chips which are used today.


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