Chips for Casino FAQ

There are lots of people in all parts of the world who have a passion of collecting chips. Below you will find some commonly asked questions and a few facts about chips for casino and chips collection.


Q. What is a limited edition chip?

A. Limited Edition chips are produced in very small numbers at a special event or occasion and are especially prized by collectors. These chips are generally more attractive and special than the normal chips and are usually not used in casinos.

Q. What are host stamped chips?

A. Host stamped chips are the ones on which the logo or the denomination of the chip is stamped. The design is generally stamped in ink or on a metal by applying high heat.

Q. What is a stackable chip?

A. Stackable chips are prized by collectors because when these chips are stacked they create an image on the edges of the chips.

Q. Are there actually many chips which can be collected?

A. There are thousands of different types of chips which can be collected. Every casino has its own unique chips sets with their own unique design. Also every casino has dozens of different types of chips which are used for different denominations. Apart from these there are limited edition chips which are regularly introduced too.

Q. How to get chips from a casino?

A. In most cases the chips can be purchased directly at the cashier window. However, every casino might have its own rules and regulations while in some states there are specific laws for the purpose. In states where the chips cannot be purchased at the cashier they can be availed from the gaming table.

Q. Can you purchase roulette chips?

A. All roulette tips is not possible to purchase roulette chips at the table since it is illegal according to the rules of the casinos. Roulette chips do not have any denomination printed on them.

Q. How to get chips other than from a casino for collection?

A. Casinos are not the only places where collectors can get chips. One of the easiest ways to collect chips is by purchasing them on the internet. There are a few regional trades which are organized from which chips can be collected too. There are also dozens of different websites which are especially for chip collectors which collectors from all over the world trade chips and offer them on sale. The Chip Board is especially where dozens and sometimes even hundreds of collectors post their chips on for sale. Other than that some sites like eBay can also be helpful where sometimes unique chips are placed for auctions.

Q. Can I purchase chips from trade meets?

A. Trade meets are actually the best places to purchase chips for collection since they mostly have quite rare and valuable chips on sale. There are many local clubs for collectors where members can learn about the next trade meet and can meet different members with the same hobby. The annual Vegas convention of CC&GTCC is one of the most renowned trade meets. There are also a few clubs which notify their members regularly on trade meets taking place in different parts of the country. There are also many smaller impromptu trade meets which often occur.


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