Casino Chips Cleaning: Effective Methods

Chip collectors collect casino chips of different types, some of which might be quite old and rare. It is important that these valuable chips should be cared after, otherwise over the time they might get considerably damaged and might be rendered worthless.

Chips cleaning is a part of their maintenance. However, it is important to ensure that the chips are cleaned very carefully. Chip cleaning is not necessary for top online casino Deutschland where all games are played electronically, this saves the players from looking after their chips as well as the casino for not needing to invest in maintenance of the casino chips.

Chips Cleaning

To clean the chips safely and effectively, follow the tips given below:

1. When it comes to cleaning, casino chips it is important to understand that certain types of chips are more prone to collecting grime and dust in comparison to the others. The ingredient and the materials used for manufacturing the chips will also play a role in determining this.

2. Think about the overall chips value before cleaning them. Chips which are very old are considerably valuable and they should be kept in a sealed display box in order to protect them from dust so that they would not have to be cleaned regularly. However, those which are not very valuable and are still in good condition can be cleaned easily.

3. Cleaning casino chips is not very difficult and there are only a very few basic materials which would be required for cleaning the chips. The first thing that would be needed is a soft bristled toothbrush. These brushes can be found almost anywhere. It is advisable to go for brushed sold for toddlers and infants since these are the softest and the mildest in nature. A mild detergent would also be needed for cleaning the chips.

4. Take a small cup of warm water and add half a teaspoon of detergent to the water. Mix it well together. It is important to ensure that the water is not too hot since it will damage the chips. The water should be warm and not overly hot.

5. Do not dip the chips directly in the water or in the detergent. Dip the soft bristled toothbrush in the diluted detergent and water mixture and then gently scrub the sides, bottom and the top of the chips. Do not scrub vigorously since this might damage the inlay of the chips. The inlay and the hot stamp of the chips are very delicate and they can easily get peeled off if the brush is scrubbed vigorously on them.

6. Do not use the toothbrush on the inlay at all if the chip is very old. In old chips the inlays are very delicate and might have already been partly damaged. Use a damp cloth to clean the hot stamp and the inlays of the stamp.

7. Once the chips have been cleaned leave them in the open to dry. Once the chips are dry they can be stored in their container.

It is also advisable to use oil during cleaning once they have been cleaned in order to make chips retain their luster and patina. Over the years the chips lose their luster and the colors begin to fade and oiling them will help them keep in a better condition.


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