Plastic Chip - Description and Peculiarities

The most basic type of gaming chip option which is available today is the plastic chip. These chips can be purchased almost anywhere. Since these chips are mass produced, they are available at all supermarkets, which offer casino equipment, at a very low price. From the cheaper versions to the heavy plastic chips that weight around 7 g. there are many choices available within the plastic chip range.

Characteristics of a plastic chip

Plastic chips are not very long lasting since they can get damaged easily and do not offer much security either. They also do not look as sophisticated as the clay chips which are most used in casinos. These chips are useful for those who are still new to gambling games like poker and who are mainly interested in playing the game at home. Plastic chips are quite inexpensive that is why they are used by home players.

There are several manufacturers who will even provide a sample of the plastic chip if the buyer is interested in ordering one specially made for them. The manufacturer Bicycle produces two types of plastic chips which are sold in travel cases. The Poker Attache includes 500 chips along with two decks of cards and a button for dealer and is sold at around $32 while Poker portfolio is a cheaper version at $20 and includes two decks along with 300 chips.

There are several plastic chip sets which are labeled as clay composite or real clay though they actually contain more plastic and very little amount of clay. However, there are several types of chips which are usually sold at supermarkets and grocery stores which are heavier at around 12 g since they have a metal slug inserted in them. The sets which are sold for home use are often called royal flush or dice chips.

Purchasing plastic chips

When it comes to purchasing plastic chips for playing poker there are several things which have to be kept in mind. Though there are several sets which are sold at low prices, the quality is not that great. The tips given below will help players choose the right type of chips:

  • The cost of the chips will definitely depend on the number of chips in the set. For those who are planning to just play at home with five to seven people at least 300 chips will be needed. Again, the denomination of the chips will also have to be considered. To be on a safer side, a set of 500 chips is ideal.
  • The next thing to consider is that there should be at least four denominations and therefore at least four different colors of chips in the case.
  • Consider the price of the set. Chips can cost anything from the standard $15 for the cheaper set to even $10,000 for the custom designed set.
  • For those who are only interested in playing a casual game any type of standard plastic chips set will suffice. However, those who want a collectible set will have to be ready to spend more.

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