Casino Chips Manufacture

Casino chips industry has its own unique history which has been quite interesting. From the earlier days in the 1800s chips have been used by casinos and smaller card rooms for standardizing their games and making it easier for players to keep track of their wins and losses. However, over the years there have been some chips manufacture giants who have changed the way that chips have been designed. While the classic designs in chips had been still found in many places, these special manufacturers have introduced the new designs that we today see in most casinos.

Major manufacturers

Some of the most important manufacturers that produce chips for home games and casinos all over the world are as listed below:

Atlantic Standard Molding

Atlantic Standard Molding or as they are popularly known, ASM, had first started operations in 1912 in Portland. The company manufactured dominos, bowling balls, checkers and billiard balls first before they began making poker chips. The chips were made earlier from clay composite and were sold under the name of Breaknot to depict its durability. Over the years they developed much fame for their custom designs and had even manufactured chips for the famous Flamingo casino in Las Vegas in 1946.

Blue Chip Company

The Blue Chip Company is based in Las Vegas and their signature chips are compression molded chips which are sold for home games as well as casinos. There are several different brands which are manufactured by the company especially for home games like the famous James Bond, Nevada Jacks etc and it has also manufactured chips for famous casinos like the Sahara, Aladdin and the Riviera.


CHIPCO was founded in 1985 and they introduced the new method of custom graphics printed on the entire surface of the chips. The chips manufactured by them are prized by collectors and casinos all over the world and more than 60 million of their chips are used by casinos today. Their ProTech series is their signature chips which have full color graphics and security coding.


GPI or the Gaming Partners International is a group of several manufacturers from the Europe and US like the B&G and Paulson. They manufacture chips for casinos as well as home games. The company is known for their excellent quality and some of the largest casinos like the Foxwoods, Bellagio and Venetian use their chips.

Merchant Ambassador

Merchant Ambassador is actually an importer which imports Chinese chips for use in the US. The company does not actually manufacture the chips but they import the best Chinese chips to make them available in the US. They provide low expense chips which are widely used in home games and also the higher end ceramic games which are quite expensive.

US Playing Card Company

The US Playing Card Company is known for its premier brands and well known playing cards like the Hoyle, Bicycle and Aviator. The company is operating since 1867 and has a rich history. Today the company is also a major producer of chips which are available in different lines and cost ranges. The chips bear the World Poker Tour official moniker and can be easily found almost in all markets, malls and even in airports.


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Poker Chips History

poker_cards Read the story of how the special casino chips for poker game developed; it is believed they had appeared in 1800s first... Many casinos online use them for playing this card game too.


Choose Poker Chips

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