Casino Gaming Chips

Casino gaming chips are used as a type of currency and are often called casino tokens. They are used in online as well as in land based casinos. The casino gaming chips which are used in land casinos are usually made from clay or metal. They are used at table games like craps, roulette, blackjack etc. Token coins which are made from metal are also used in games like video poker and slot machines.

Details on chips uses

All the casino gaming chips are usually given serial numbers. Since chips are all uniform in size and can be stored in the form of steps and different colors of chips have different value, it is easier to count chip stacks in comparison to paper money when they are used at a table. The chips were first used in casinos in the 1880s and became popular ever since then.

Chips can be exchanged for real currency at any time. Players have to visit the cashier at the casino to exchange their chips for money. Outside of the casino, where the chips have been bought, there is no use for them. However, in Las Vegas along the strip several casinos do accept chips from the other casinos. Of course, you don't need any chips when you play table games or pokies online, however the virtual casino coins are called chips sometimes, especially for table games.

Benefits of casino chips

Casino chips became quite popular since there are plenty of benefits of using them for the players as well as for the casino. All the chips have uniform weight so it is easier to count them. Also, casinos are able to have a better security and keep a track on the winnings when chips are used. Chips is universal currency in casinos and that is really convenient both for dealers and players.

Security measures

Every casino has its own set of chips which are different and differ from the others to be able to recognize them and set them apart from the other chips that players might try to sneak in. There are several security features followed by casinos in order to avoid frauds. Most casinos have chips with UV marking and some have the RFID feature which is a very advanced technology in order to prevent any type of fraud. The casino staff is always trained and made familiar with all the security measures so it is quite difficult for players to come up with fake chips or try to cash them.

Chips used in land based casinos

In land based casino chips, every casino has its own set of chips which they use within their premises. Different colors are used for different currency amount. For example $1 chips are white, $2.50 are pink, $5 are red, $25 are green, $100 are black, $500 are purple and $1000 are orange in color.

Most casinos use chips which are made from clay. Today, several other ingredients are added to the molded clay in order to make them more durable like chalk and sand. The process of manufacturing casino chips differs for all manufacturers but the result is the same - differences can be noticed by proffesional only in most cases.

With online casinos, things are quite simple. The online casinos have virtual chips which the players have to purchase for e-money. All the other details on using chips remain the same. Players can cash in their chips at any time that they want. Every online casino will have its own terms and conditions with regards to the use of chips and for cashing them.


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