Casino Poker Chips Sets Choice

Casino poker chip sets contain chips in different colors which represent different denominations. There are also some sets which contain unmarked chips were the denomination of each color has to be decided by the players. The quality of poker chips which can be found in the market today varies greatly from one another which make it important to have some basic knowledge about how to choose good casino poker chip sets.

Poker chips for home play

Poker chips set which is made specially for home play is generally made from plastic and come with a stacker or a case in which they can be easily stored. However, the expensive versions are made from clay composite which can be of different weights. The quality of the chips is better if they are heavier in weight. Chips which are quite heavy are generally sold with an aluminum storage case. Usually for home play the composite chips are sold in three designs on the edges of the chips, suited, dice or diamonds.

The chips which are used in casinos are of the highest quality and are used in the most professional games. Most of them are made from clay composite though a few also use ceramic for making chips. Casino chips can be only bought from collector shops and websites. The other option is to purchase similar quality chips with the same type of design, weight and material from distributor.

Choosing the manufacturer

Paulson Poker Chips manufacture the highest quality casino grade chips for home play. These chips are usually made from composite clay and bear the Cane and Hat symbol of Paulson at the edge of the chips. There are several different series of poker chips manufactured by Paulson and each one has a unique theme and design.

Another popular poker chips set is the WPT set which can be purchased from several authorized dealers. World Poker Tour is a famous televised event which started first in 2003 and today it is one of the most important international poker events. The WPT chips for home play are of the best quality and are in fact the same chips with which the players play in the tournaments. The colors in the set are black, red and blue. The logo of WPT is displayed in the center. The chips are around 11.5 g in weight and are quite close to the casino chips.

It is important to only purchase WPT chips from the authorized dealers. The packages will vary according to the dealer and the chips can be purchased individually or even in a set form. The basic set will contain 300 chips.

How many chips to purchase

Choosing poker chips for home play will also include deciding how many chips to purchase. Most poker chips are sold in sets of 300, 400 and 500. If there are only 2-3 players who would be playing the game then 200-350 chips would be needed. With 4-5 players 350-500 chips would be needed and so on. Also consider the limits that would be played in the game in order to decide the denomination breakdown that needs to be purchased.


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Poker Chips History

poker_cards Read the story of how the special casino chips for poker game developed; it is believed they had appeared in 1800s first... Many casinos online use them for playing this card game too.


Choose Poker Chips

poker_chips Find out how to choose poker chips: which manufacturer is the best one, where to find them and how to get them. Get the big casino bonus for poker game and enjoy!