How to Choose Poker Chips for Home Games

Poker has been one of the most famous casino games for decades. The game requires a little skill, luck and plenty of experience and it is the level of challenge presented by the game which makes it so popular among players worldwide. Best poker chips have been around probably as long as the game has been in existence. Though in the earlier days the game had been played with just about anything, soon there was a need for using a standard currency equivalent at the tables and with that the poker chips had been introduced.

Best poker chips

In casinos poker is no longer played with chips made from 100% pure clay. Pure clay chips are very delicate and can break easily. In the 1950s clay chips were replaced by the composite clay chips where a few materials were added to the clay to make it more cost effective and to make it more durable.

The edge spots or the inserts are actually not painted but they are punched out and then replaced with the clay of desired colors after which they are molded and compressed to get the end product. In US most casinos, like iGame poker, use poker chips which are anywhere between 8 to 11g and rarely more than that. However, for home use the best poker chips which are used are significantly different from those which are used in casinos.

Home poker chips

The chips are used for poker in casinos and at home are quite different from each other. In casinos mostly composite clay chips are used for casinos which weigh from 8 to 11g but the home poker chips usually weigh more than that at around 13.5 g. Choosing home poker chips is not very difficult since they are available at almost all grocery shops, markets and even at airports.

Home poker chips are quite inexpensive and are usually made from plastic with a metal disc in the center in order to increase its weight. The type of poker chips to be purchased depends on the taste and the budget of the customer and while there are several inexpensive home poker chips available these are usually not of a very good quality.

Purchasing home poker chips

Home poker chips can be bought in sets of 200, 300 and even in 500 chips. The best option is to purchase an entire set which will include poker chips, a protective case for storing the chips, dealer button, poker dice and 2 decks of cards.

The ideal number of poker chips which need to be purchased will depend on the number of players that would be playing the game and the combination of denominations should depend on the limits that will be played with the chips. It is recommended that at least four different denominations should be purchased for the game.

How many chips to purchase

Given below is a list of the number of chips that would be needed according to the number of players:

  • 2-3 players - 200-350 chips
  • 4-5 players - 350-500 chips
  • 5-6 players - 500-650 chips
  • 6-8 players - 650-750 chips
  • 8-10 players - 750-1000 chips

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Poker Chips History

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Choose Poker Chips

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