Tips for Beginners to Online Betting

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Placing bets online can be a fun and enjoyable experience, adding a new dimension to online gaming and watching sports. iGaming (the name given to the industry that provides online casinos, poker, slots, bingo and sports betting) is a huge industry with revenues of around $50 billion per year. It is enjoyed by both full-time professionals (such as poker players) and casual customers (such as people who play bingo game for $0.10 per card). If you have never used an iGaming service before, it can seem a little daunting at first, but once you’ve dipped your toes in the water, you’ll realise that online betting can be a very enjoyable experience.


If you are new to the types of casino and card games that you find on iGaming platforms, it is probably best to first practice playing these games on a free service. Many of the major online casinos and poker services provide free-to-play games without the need to place a bet with real money. Many people find these options exciting enough and only ever play the free games, whilst others use them to learn the rules and refine their strategies before going on to the real-money games.

Make the Most of Promotional Offers & Comparison Services

As the online betting industry is very competitive, many services offer introductory promotions such as free bets to entice customers to their services over a competitor's. Remember that you can take advantage of the promotions of multiple companies, so there’s no need to stay loyal to one. If you are looking to place bets on sporting events, the outcome of TV shows, the weather, or politics, you can use comparison services to determine which platform is offering the best odds. You can also read online reviews of each service to make sure you find the one you think will suit you best.

Stay Secure

One you’ve gotten up to speed on the rules, mastered your strategy, and taken advantage of the promotional offers available to new customers, it is important to protect yourself. Securing your personal and financial information is important for everything that we do online, and iGaming is no different.

Most major online casinos and poker companies allow you to turn on multi-factor authentication multi-factor authentication, which means that you must enter your username, password, and a one-time passcode in order to be able to login to your account. You should use this whenever possible, as it prevents someone from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

It is also important to make sure that you don’t divulge your password to anyone else (not even the company itself) and never click on links in emails that you think might be suspicious. If you receive emails that you think are sketchy, each company has an email address you can report them to, so check on their website to find out where to send them.

Have Fun

Most importantly, you should remember to have fun. Placing bets on sports or playing poker, bingo, or casino games can be very exhilarating to both new and long-time players.


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