Play like A Pro with Our Basic Poker Strategies Guide

If you are a newcomer in poker, it’s crucial that you master how you can balance the fun and thrills of playing with the massive loses that you can quickly amass. You need to ensure your poker chips value remains sufficient enough to sustain you through several rounds. But how do you do this? Our poker strategies guide will take you through the fundamental aspects of playing the game. 

Master Pre and Post Flop Strategies

A quick search for a pre-flop or post-flop strategy online will reveal some results. However, you only become successful when you pick a good plan, which is why we are going to take you through strategies that have proven to be a success among several players. But before that, you need to understand that any action during pre-flop will always build into post-flop play. That means that you have to complement one strategy with the other in one match.

Pre-flop Strategies

  • Shy away from slow gameplay

  • Always play aggressively whenever your hole cards are strong

  • Whenever you chose to raise, the value should be approximately 3-5x the biggest blind

  • Be cautious of your playing position – start off playing tight and only loosen up once you’ve got an active play

  • Keep guard of your body language. It can quickly sell you out to your opponents

  • Always keep an eye on the poker chips value of your opponents

Post-flop Strategies

  • Always fold whenever it dictates you to

  • Avoid coin flips at all times

  • Don’t be too overly aggressive, learn when to launch an attack 

Learn How to Defend or Attack Dead Money at Casino

When we talk about dead money, we are merely referring to the poker chips value of the person who’ve folded. That is a term that you most likely going to cross paths with as you play at a tournament, where people use heaps of chips when playing. And while good things come to the patient people in life, better things only happen to gamblers who’ll seize a winning chance without hesitation!

Playing cool in poker as you patiently wait for a right hand might be an ideal strategy. However, if you have to beat your opponents consistently, you need to incorporate defending and attacking dead money strategy.

However, this strategy isn’t as easy as it may sound, which is why we said you need to learn how to. For instance, attacking the dead money can be a little tricky and requires you to pay close attention and be aware of the other gambler’s style of play and poker strategies. Attacking the dead money incorporates trying to pinch your opponent’s chips, re-stealing the chips when they’ve been stolen from you and placing as many squeeze bets as possible.

However, when it comes to defending dead money, it’s impossible to do that without making big calls. While trying to do this, the most important thing is to know whether or not you are playing an experienced person. This way, you can know whether your opponent(s) is making a play. 

Stack Size – Do You Have A High Stack or Low Stack Size?

Determining the value of your chips is crucially essential for every hand that you play. A smart player knows that one of the worst mistakes they can make it not to assess the lurking risk that exists depending on the size of his/her stack. Poker is a game involving money. Consequently, without being fully aware of the stack size and the amount of cash at stake can put you in serious trouble.

To elude the traps involved with stack size, you can estimate the value of your opponent’s stack, trying to look at the number of chips that they have at the beginning of each hand. And you must be precise when executing this. 


We’ve all had a bad session at the poker table. We need to start from somewhere, so don’t be discouraged if things don’t work your way as you’d expected. Keep your head down, practice as you keep these strategies in mind and you’ll surely have your breakthrough with all of those colors.



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